on Monday, March 12, 2007
Choice is something very difficult to cope up with. Which ever things that we see or do have a choice on it. Food, Color, Things & most horribly Clothes. I went to a mall last weekend saturday with my mother. I plan to buy for myself a nice shirt for my cousins engagement day. But i came across a very painfull task. Choice ! which color, which design, which brand... argh.. choice is really painfull... No one couldnt avoid it. Some choice are easier to select, some doesnt fits in on our brain at all. Well, even after go thru the painfull choice selection, sometimes i do regret for not choosing the other choice which is somewhat nice. Bottomline Choice is Sux ! Choice is Pains ! Choice is Horrible ! still no one couldnt run from it, else the world will be static. Hell !!!