Miserable holiday..

on Wednesday, May 02, 2007
bbbbaaackkkk from the 2 days holiday.. well im back now. the 2 days holiday is basically for the wesak day (celebrated for the buddhism prayers & for the labour day). Labour day.. .eh.. yea for the hard working labours like me.. well haha.. yea its true ! Well this holidays is one of the worst long holidays for me. Why? 1st i fall very sick before the holiday gets started, Yes! i catched up with heavy sorethroat as a result of eating one local food at a food store. 2nd. its related to the 1st one, im bedridden of course ! poor me. In the rift of fighting with my health condition, i managed to go up to couple of places, well i hate to lie down the bed and ponder as it feels like a disabled person. I went to my grandmothers house, both my aunt & uncle have a trip to Genting Highland resort so my family have to company her at the house. Then on May-1st me and my sister went to a book fair promotion at a mall near by my house ( a few miles actually). I bought this intresting book, 'Treasures Lost at The Sea" its a graphicaly illustrated book with some very excellent information about lost treasures at sea. Well im not sort of going to hunt for hidden treasures, its just my instict nature of historical research brings me into it. I still didnt have time to read the book yet since my work have started and well 'The sickening' health condition didnt pass thru yet, well i will catch it up with it. Ok got to go back to my work. Till then, catch ya all later guys..