The Boss

on Monday, June 25, 2007

'Wow' for grand in style, grand in picture and grand in sound. Thats the 3 grandeiurs that i could give for the film Sivaji the Boss. I watched the movie last saturday with my 2 cousin, mom & sis. We went to cathay cineplex in butterworth. Initially i thought the ticket price will be somewhere around RM 13 to 20 but too my suprise its only Rm 10. Haha the best part is one of my cousin gets a half ticket which usually given to children even though he is not. Back to the movie, it was simply superb. Its been tagged as the most expensive movie till date. Hats of to shankar. Even though some of the part like the villains and some characters role have been sidelined their equality with the main character, still the whole movie is mind blowing. Yet i couldnt have any word to say. Im looking to buy the VCD once its out and hope i could find a DVD of the movie. So far none of the tamil movie came up with DVD version, hopefully this movie Sivaji will set the trend for the DVD as well.