Lunch break + 50th blogey

on Friday, January 04, 2008
Heh today is my 50th blogey.. haha... i should celebrate the silver jubilee.. yay... hahahahaha..

Ok.. today i went out to lunch with my work couleges. We went to Queensbay Jusco at Penang for a nice Indian muslim delicousiy (hope i spell it rite. :P) the food is called nasi kandar. A must to have for anyone visiting Penang. The curry, the vegetables, the chicken.. will make u go gaga and wanting to have more and more... even sometimes can make u go addicted.. well.. we (4 of us) went there for lunch today as friday's are 2 hours lunch break.

After our meal we went to Queensbay shopping mall for fun.. checkout some candid new gadget phones, books, shoes and whatever we came across.. well didnt buy anything cause the price of course hefty expensive. Person like me with tight budget spent less on those in the mall cause.. i prefer saving rather then expend :) thats me.. haha

Haa.. i came across camera pamphlet too.. hmmm camera prices seems reduced.. well let me c if i can get one by this year.. hopefully.. :)