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on Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Back to blogey after a month of net-hibernation... June.. a month of peace.. amonth of relaks.. (to me), well hehe it didnt ment to be really peacefull.. haha... Its the middle of the year.. man time runs really fast.. I feel like just a month ago i celebrated new year.. and what do you know.. im right here in the middle of 2008. Weird thou... Well nothing new changes in my life as of now... Im on rapid speed on my studies.. finishing off what ive started... just a few months and by end of the year it would be complete.. I would be sky high by then... hahaha.. My lil-brainy is freezed rite now.. i couldnt catch any thing for me to remember and rite... well... not for now... il be posting back once ive remember something to write... haha :)

Till then.. have a peacefull June and a happy mid of the year..