Buzy and sweet times

on Thursday, December 24, 2015

           Its been a long long month i didn't post anything  as ive been freaking busy all time.. Some of the updates i can post now is................ As everyone know..I'm officially a Dad now.. Before that i was busy preparing the pre-arrival stuffs for my baby.. and after the birth ive been busy traveling to the hospital and back home and not to forget the post delivery stuffs and so on.. Hell of a time for me!

But on all those things, i never take it as a pain but rather a sweet experience as a dad. Its been a heavenly fun for me to enjoy the moment :). Ive been juggling my times in between my baby, my family, my work and some miscellaneous stuffs.. and those things has per-occupied my time pretty well for which im having less time on the net to post stuffs and so on..