Fiery monkey!

on Thursday, March 10, 2016

2016, the fire monkey year is proving to be the worst year i ever came across in my life. Especially when it comes to relationships, i could feel the fiery heat of relation between one another especially with family members getting intense and to a point of getting worst. Is it coincidence or the fact that  fire monkey tends to break relationship apart is a mystery to me. My relationship with my sister and my mother is getting terribly breaking apart and its getting worst day by day. I wonder why this is happening as my relationship with them are solid as rock most of the time. I'm getting in a deep paranoia placing my situation in future thinking of being isolated from all my family members because of this strained relationship.

At a time i would just wish 2016 never appear at any point in my life. Wonder how im gonna fix this situation that im facing, wonder when will these predicament will end and when will i get back to my stress free life. Its a big puzzle and a challenge for me. :(