Bye Bye Toothy

on Sunday, January 08, 2017

The first post of 2017. Just barely 8 days and i can feel the wrath of 2017 sharp and edgy! I had a terrible pain on my tooth couple of days back. A visit to the dentist and he uncovered a hidden tooth all the way at the back of my upper wisdom tooth, and it had decayed quite badly. The one and only solution which was given to me, is the removal! For all my life, never did i imagine a visit to a dentist and a pull of my tooth..

Well it went well, thanks to the professionalism of the dentist, the decayed tooth has been removed. I  did ask the doctor to gave me the tooth.. Hehehe as a souvenir of course :P Well it had been with me for nearly 37 years. I know its gross.. but i don't see a reason to throw something which has been part of me since im born. I'm in the process of preserving it! :)