Stop Bullying

on Friday, June 16, 2017

I know it seems norm for all to face, been face or had been a victim of bullying in some point of their life. Mostly during their school times. But this act can lead to bigger problem for the victim. The worst.. death. There are so many cases of bullying out there and majority of us doesn't seems to care much about it, because we will think that as part of growing up process. Especially in schools. But when that involve death then we will be regretting to not stop the act, which by then will be to late.

I'm pretty sure my son will face the same bullying tune at some point of his school time, but im fully determined to be there for him and stop the act whenever it surface by all mean possible!

This post is dedicated to T.Nhaveen (A victim of school friends abuse who have died yesterday, who dreamed to become a successful music composer.) & ZulFarhan (A victim of a defense school newbie who just joined the academy). Both dreamed to achieve bigger things in their life, unfortunately their soul was ripped apart by the bullies. Rest in peace my brothers! :(

#justiceforNhaveen #justiceforZulFarhan