9 planets

on Monday, January 29, 2007
Im a Hindu. My life is based on sathvic dharma called "Sanathana Dharma". According to the hindu religious each and everyhumans life stats is based on the rules of 9 planets. Happyness & Sorrow, Good luck, Bad luck will be ruled by this 9 planets. Every year this 9 planets will move their places from one place to another (also called as home). Upon move to ones home the luck of that person will move accordingly. I went to check mine yesterday. Hmm seems like good luck so far for me. Yet, i have to perform prayers for the deities of the planet to enhance my luck. Well let see about it. Ive mentioned on my previous posts the starting of the year is kind of un-happy for me eventhough number 7 is my personal luck number. God knows..