on Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Hmm.. devotional month this month is for me. Oh well im following strict vegetarian meal for a month now since Jan-1. Reason? Its Thaipusam. Im staying in Penang, so thaipusam is celebrated in a very grand scale every year here apart from Batu Caves at KL. The festive is to praise the Lord Murugan (son of the Lord Shiva) & to full-fill whatever vows that we prayed. Im doing this ever since im small, in fact my whole family take part in this thaipusam prayers every year. Well we offer milk to the lord & offer prayers. I will be going to the temple tomorow (since on thursday it will be hell of a crowd) & thursday is the national public holiday for this Thaipusam festive. Usually i will be going there with my family at night. 7pm till 11pm is the timeline to full fill the prayers ruled by the temple commitee. But based on past years history (where i have to suffer car parking problem due to the result of nearly 100,000 devotees flocking over to the festive) we plan to reschedule to 3pm afternoon this time. Hopefully no more car parking issue's around.. :)