Buzy month...

on Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Gosh.. its been a very buzy month lately... i cant believe im hardly typing anything on my blog page... so sad.. :(... anyway i hook up on the net all the time.. still no time to blog.. haha..
So back to another edition of august blogey... well.. August seems a very curious month to me this year... my heart pounded very fast as soon as the day leaps to august.. my curiosity seems limitless thinking and searching for things that im blank with.. ive no idea what, why and how this is happening.. hopefully all is at its best..

Nothing much over then that.. life goes on .. still..
Not in any vacation mood... religious? yeah.. a bit.. ermmm a little big bit i would say..
im frequently visiting temples nowadays.. and coming back very late night.. sometimes early morning.. hmmm sometimes life is ruthless.. life is arrogant.. life is full of mysteries.. life is... hmm what the hack.. ive run out of words.. ok il let my brains do the word search..
got to go now.. still buzy with work stuff... till then... c ya all for now...