Lunar Eclipse

on Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipse... i still cant get this meaning of eclipse. Still i sense its speaciality alots of mystery.. spirituality... beauty... hmmm i can name more and more of it... Today is a moon eclipse ( or more widely known as lunar eclipse. For scientific term it is a beautiful scenary of 2 galactical planet faces each other at one point after a period of a year. For a traditional belief (Hinduism), it is a fact known as dark side. Im not intrested on this scientific pendermic, but looking towards the religion this eclipse plays a huge role or should i say a huge impact. Imagine world wide Hindu temples will be closed during this eclipse period ! Isnt this something jaw dropping fact. Im no insult to this, but curiosity brings me to this wonder. Even my mom told me today stop eat or drink on this 6 hours eclipse period and i get to know that we should not pray at temple or at home due to this eclipse. Intresting eh... Mysterious.... Wonderly mysterious !