Magnificient Maran Marthandavar

on Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Yep... i had a wonderfull time on my vacation.. man must i say how happy i was. Me and my friends went out on last friday at 9pm and drove all the way to pahang after pickup the rest of my friends... at one point iam the sole driver from perak highway (somewhere near tapah highway). Wow.. i was very excited driving all the way from tapah to maran pahang.. its more then 200km all by myself.. of course with the guidance of my friends. We reached our destination " Sri Marthandavar Temple" pahang on the next day saturday at 8:10am. Exhausted, tired and hungry we were. After took a short breakfast near the temple.. we bathed and offer our prayings at the temple... I took couple of pictures of the surrounding temple. It looks magnificient. After then... we went to batu caves. Thats my second visit there.. After then... we visited head straight to Klang where an uncle of mine booked hotel for all 8 of us...
After quick shower we dressed up nicely and head straight to dinner also brought by my uncle.. and straight to the "Happening" ... we head to KL main city to a indian live band pub called "Chakravarthy". Had our great time there.. and head straight back to hotel afterwards... The next day.. we went to my uncles house.. hang out for a while and watch movie. After the movie.. we head to lunch.. and head back home around 3pm something...
The worst part is i nearly missed my camera luckily enough the owner of the luncheon shop keeps it to me.. i wonder what im going to answer if i really lost the camera... Gosh..
it was tired ride but i enjoy it to the max.. :)
Great... wonderfull.. .and happening vacation this was...can wait for another round
if my friends organized it.
For the rest of the pics... it can be found here :