Changes of Life.

on Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Wow the month of August have passed indifinetly.. and i didnt blog... wow.. hahahahaha
Yea.. been preety buzy with the preperations for my upcoming big day.. yea the d-day is just 2 weeks ahead from now.. preperations are sky-rocketing and..i cant keep my mind in peace thinking of all of them..

My only 2 things that worries me to the most extend is... of course my wedding and living seperately from my family.. Hmmm after my wedding il be living far from my parents..which i never have done before.. Its kind of traumatizing effects for me.. Well im taking things positively...

Changes thats going to happend to me are tremendous.. but im willing to surf thru the tsunami to reach the peak.. Can that help change my relieve ? Welll im hoping so...