Buzy Life

on Monday, December 24, 2012

Ive been out and out buzy with my life these days.. Eventhough connected to the net almost daily (work life), yet still im incapable to post a single thing on my blog :( This sounds really frust to me, especially for a person hooked up preety well on blogger. Geez, i wonder how i could time manage myself? Or is it the family life + work life emotionaly and physically drain out my energy? My oh my, i just wish i could overcome this thing..

Well probarbaly i could, couple of days back ive changed my phone, guess what? its a decission beyond my capacity. Yes i got a brand new, latest smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note-II. Woweeeee. Thats a good news. Im enjoying the phone very much, eventhough the size does makes me feel awkward at first.. well size doesnt matter to me, as long as im enjoying the phone.. Yes im keeping up to the trend preety much.

Next, im planning to subscriber for a dataplan.. since ive installed blogger mobile, it would be easier for me to post up things almost instantly! Haha cant wait. wish me luck :)