Post 21-Dec. My'yawn' prophecy

on Monday, December 31, 2012

Did the Mayans made a good April fool joke alike on us? or the human beings been a subject of dumb joke? It just appeared in my mind "21-Dec-2012" is a day everyone thought the last event on the earth one will drew his breath.. Well it appeared to be a false alarm. I wont curse the Mayans for this. For them, it was just a simple reboot of the calendar cycle. But for living human beings, this thing really made the hell out of us. For me the person to be blamed the best is, Roland Emmerich. How should i put the word? His ingeniously crafted disaster movie 2012? Well, he did for his living, yet still everyone shares the blame as well, taking things very seriously. Human brain is indeed a very delicate nature that absorb things without pre-analyze the truth of it. For me the movie 2012 was a very big thing. I myself thought its the end of the world, alas another living dumb to be honest. Sir Nostradamus was an innocent victim, even though he predicted things, its been interpreted in different way. What ever it is, im happy that the earth still has thousands and thousands of year to get expired. Happy that my generation will still survive. Poor Mayans, getting the blame for nothing.. A science fiction is a fiction after all....