Allianz Penang Bridge Run 2013

on Friday, April 12, 2013

What was i doing.. is it my idiotic thinking? or my urge to show off  ? hahaha only god knows!

simply... i just sign up for the run.. I got nothing to show off to anyone.. its just that
i feel, i want to have some fun.. "Fun", well im pretty sure its not going to be fun for my body post the competition.. Well lets see.. what i get.. *obviously not the medal* :)

The run is on November! ive got plenty of month to train. But first, i need to get myself a good running sports shoe. Targeting either Asics or Adidas as this been recommended by a office coulege of mine (who inspired me for this run).. Well i need to prepare.. prepare.. wohooo !


AshiniVarman said...

I'm joinging in too.. Training for it now :)

gauthemen said...

Awsome!! See you on the race :)