on Monday, July 15, 2013
Ive never trusted or paid an attention towards fengshui or better known as chinese astronomy in my life. But yesterday on my mother and my sister's suggestion, ive decide to give it a try. Fengshui ive went. A small remote fengshui shop at north west penang. Somewhere near batu maung. My sis brought me to the shop, she is pretty much familiar with the shop as she trust fengshui and been in touch with the fengshui master (lady master) pretty well. I feel astonished by her prediction on my current and future charts. Especially for the current ones. All my bad luck, terrible time and difficulties seems well predicted which was taken me by surprise. Wow, its indeed a shocking one. For all the bad omens, the fengshui master gave me some remedy to be placed at home to overcome them and ive decide to give a try. Things like red colored floor mat, perfectly rounded stones to be placed under the kitchen stove and even coins to be placed on a metal container facing certain direction is supposingly to ward away bad luck and bring me good luck and good flow of wealth which is what im badly in-need for at the moment!! Interestingly enough my mind was in a state of hypnotized on all the advise and information that master says. I guess its due to too much of impact on bad times :( , alas ive decided to follow her advise very carefully. Ive brought up all the items that she mention and now im ready to place them as per her advise. Ive tried many ways to get me luck change, well no harm trying on fengshui, so ive decided to step in. Hope all the energy, element and good luck shines upon me not to mention good health and prosperous amount of income. Crossing my fingers. I will definitely blog on the outcome in probably 1 or 2 weeks time, depend on the results. Till then c ya folks.