Experience Vs Education

on Thursday, February 08, 2007
Ive been wondering for many years the diffrence & impact between an experience person and educated person. Well this is related to job of course. An experienced 6 to 7 years person in a company who worked very hard to be established in a reputated company and known as a senior wants to get a promotion.. talks to the boss, his request was rejected with one reason "Education lackness". Another person who is well educated but dont have a single experience wants to get promoted, "buff" like a genie from the bottle, his wish was granted. Why? i feel its a discrimination. C'mon, unexperienced person gets the wish experienced person got turned down. Companies are looking for books then brains... why this thing happening? Well... i dunt have a answer but for me its discrimination. And yes im a victim of it. Hmm as the tittle says Life.. it goes on...