Holiday Time..

on Tuesday, February 13, 2007
After a couple of day of hicup with my work load, im back to blogey again. As the title says, it will be a long holidays in malaysia. Yes, the holidays is for chinese new year. Since the chinese is "kind of" majority in malaysia they were given 2 days holiday to celebrate. Everyone might be wonderfing why im happy because of that ? ok basically for this upcoming long holidays my family together with one of my uncle & aunt decided to visit a famous temple in Pahang. Its about 700 to 800km from where im living. Ive been heard about this temple, it was very famous. It was build ever since the british rules malaysia some 100+ years back. Its a very long journey to the temple, so basically im overexcited. Oh well, me & my family member is a religiously devoted, so this kind of visit is a priority then any other thing. Im happy bout it. Well, i will still blog till friday, then i will be offline from Saturday till next week Tuesday :)