Sivaji Audio..

on Monday, April 09, 2007
Wooohoo... at last, ive bought the Audio CD of the movie Sivaji. Cool i even got a Poster of Sivaji the movie.. nice :). Ok on the review. Well the first time i listenend to the song i dont have a wow, uhh & ahh of the songs, because it seems a bit loud to me. Anyway as with all the A.R.Rahman audio there is no 1st time judgement. Have to listen to it couple of times then you can judge if its great or simply vomiting. But there is 2 songs on the album which have pinched my heart very sharply the first time i listened to them. 1 is "Sahana" another one is "Sahara". Well they have a na & a ra at the end. But the lyrics the soothing melody swept me away. Wow.. ARR is a genius. No wonder they've called him Mozart of India with a reason. The string esembly & the percussion is well managed. Great job rahman. Another song which is preety new to Indian music is in the album. It called "Style". It have a very very strong resemblence with the hip-hop american style of song with some funky tempo on it. Well im yet to fully come to a conclusion. Still Sahana & Sahara is swinging me far in the melodious world. I Hope the picturisation is very well done. Else it will be a total disasterous waste for such a good melody..