Tamil New Year

on Friday, April 13, 2007
So tomorow will be tamil new year. The year will be called "Sarvajit", ive no idea what does the term means but the name will be cycled every +12 years (i guess). Hmm nothing much big like the engglish new year (1st Jan). Every tamil new year we will dress new clothes, have a speacial prayers & eat variety of vege food also we will have speacialy sweet delicacies which usually i will bought from the shops outside. Another important aspect of the Tamil New Year is the new Horoscope changes which is very auspious & important for Hindus. This signifies how in this year the fortune, marriage, education, family will be. Well it will be awfull for me every year.. My mom did a early check of the new horoscope it will be a neutral tie for me in the event of financial. What ever comes into my pocket, will leave from my pocket fulfilled. Crap ! no savings.. Argh! But im hoping for a better education & a blink of prosperous for my family.