Solar the Bozz showin up...

on Monday, September 10, 2007


on my previous posts a while ago (gosh.. ive been idled so long).. ive posted lunar eclipse and its effects to me.. haha... now its the time for the Solar to show whos the bozz (haha not really). Ok back to the post... solar...the bigest planet on our solar system.. yep they called the bozz on the planetary system first. As i mention on my previous posts. Solar eclipse too has its own effect for

the humans.. especially to the entire hinduism.. ive not yet have a detail results on what this solar eclipse can do to a normal person.. But the hints i get is very bad. So an hindu pays very very big attention or should i say pay respect during this eclipse. It depends whether after this eclipse once faith will change to positive or negative. I do strongly believe on this prediction. Why? yea most of the time once after this eclipse goes over.. i do observe some strange and very unusuall changes in my life. Sometimes its miraculously better in prospect and wealth on some occasion, dreadfull and painfull life continuance. From that time onwards i put an extra attention and utmost respect during this eclipse. Believe it guys i wont even take food or a drop of water during the eclipse. Yes every inch of things that we do during this Lunar/Solar eclipse is equivalent of what your life is going to be till the next eclipse. In Hinduism its been called as the movement or the transition of planets during the eclipse. I know it sounds scary. But from my experience i would say its the faith that must be undergo to survive.. :)