Blur blogey..

on Monday, October 22, 2007
After a long big hay-wire thought of life of mine... im now fully a student... a student of a time.. :)
well worth say... I will be starting my part time class soon... initially the plan for 4 yrs study makes me well very sick... now ive go for 1 yr study instead.. sounds confusing ? yep.. the only diffrence is... 4 yrs = goverment whereis 1 yr = private. Goverment.. wants more $$$$ and more $$$$ with in-efficient study skills and terrible tutor... whereis Private... wants more $$$$ but provide excellent way of excel in studies... this is the main concept for me to choose the private way.. other then the duration of course...

Oh well... its been a long time since i did my last blogey .... well very buzy with work stuff..
haaaaaaaahhh.... man i feel like a caveman typing keyboard for blogging in internet.

tired... excausted... fed-up of the net... its getting jammed here... haha.. we need a police'net'man to slow down the traffic and a police'brain'man to smoothen the data transfer from our brain...

ok guys till then next blogey... chiow..