First Class Vs Brain

on Friday, October 26, 2007
Ok here i am after a 3 hours of yesterday diziness. yea my first class. Man that was horrible.
Guess what im the only student..initially i heard there was 2 of us (2 students) but at last i came to know only one and that was me.. i was stunned over the suprise. hahaha... anyway the class was very boring.. cause im the only one.. so no fun.. no smile no laugh... i have to concentrate the full 3 hours.. so my brain is kind of dizzy.. well never in my life i hear a person talking & lecturing to me straight for 3 hours... the max i had is 3 minutes.. & the min ermmm probarbaly 8 sec. hehehehehehe... :P

The lecturer seems ok... hes from Western Digital a trainer. Able to explain every single points during his introduction precisely.. well.. i hope i could excel on the examination like how he could remember.. else im doomed... haha.. probarbly its time for me to train my brain well enough to remember every single points and subjects..