Blogey to Blogey..

on Monday, February 11, 2008
back to blogey... here iam after a straight holidays.. last week was the chinese new year and since it was celebrated 2 days which is thursday and friday, i got a bonus of saturday and sunday.. hehe.. :)

Well unlike last year this year i didnt go anywhere, if you guys recalled my earlier posts, last year i went over for a religious vacation with my aunt and uncle. Not this year. i dont feel going out for any vacation this year so i just sit back relax and enjoy at house. initially i plan to go on a movie, but to my fortunate the theather is full most of the time when i wanted to buy tickets..

hmm most probarbly will be going on for a movie this wednesday once my sis is back from KL trip. Well u guys might ask whats the rush ? well "according to the net film reviewers" its a nice, hilarious comedy tamil movie... "Indralogathil Naan Azhagapan" acted by popular tamil comedian vadivellu.

Well i dunt know how good the movie is.. once watched the movie will sure right down the critics here.. :)

till then... me out..