Valentines Days

on Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here comes another v day.. Another day of love ? .. i dunt know.. I worshiped this day once in my life.. when a lovely sweet cupid striked me memorabaly.. but now no more.. i just wish this day never appears at all. yes i believe there may be alot of people out there have the same feelings like as i do.. not to be naive.. but yes.. thats my feeling and thought !

Anyway to all my blog, net, friends that i know or may not now.. Happy Valentines Day...and a piece of word of wisdom which keeps poping on my head to blast it on my blog..

"Dont just love one person, be it your girl or your guy, love everyone.. first of all love yourself you are who you are.. be fortunate and thanks for your existence in this world.. love your family love your parents..

Love comes and goes.. not all love succesfully fly high in the air.. some will make it way to the heaven.. some may crash out of suddent..

Peace !