Movie on saturday.

on Monday, February 25, 2008
Last saturday i went to movie with my mom and sis. As mentioned before.. i went to see a tamil comedy movie called "Indralogatil naan Azhagapan" acted by popular south indian commedian vadivellu. I was preety much excited to watch the movie. The show is at 9pm, we dressed up and at the theater quite early, around 8:30. Once the door is open we went in to the plex full full of enthusiasement. The movie begins. Right from the start going on.. my enthusiasement and excitement fall straight down. My mind keep saying.. "What a disaster !". After much hyped about "Imsai Arasan" this movie does not stand strong at anypoint of the movie completely ! It suppose to be a comedy movie but.. over reacted, over the usuall unnecessary dialougs have tortured the entire movie line conditionally.

Believe me i slept on the theather which never happends before. What a waste of my money. Compare to Imsai Arasan which was carved to extreme perfection, this movie makes the audience go to max boredom. At one point during one of the joke i hardly hear anyone laughing on the theather, from there i got to know.. its a terrible, un-planned, C-Grade movie. From the movie itself i learned something. You see Imsai arasan was produced by S Pictures.. Shankar's production company. Everyone know how perfectionist is shankar, he wont produce a movie without seeing any quality, thats the reason why Imsai Arasan stands up. Not with Azhagapan. Unknown producer, terrible director, loud and loud dialougs, unnecessary and stupid jokes, not to mention the sets of the movie, seems like been borrowed from some local drama troupe.

Another thing keep bring to my wonder. Who in the world is the Cameraman!?! I kept wondering why he have to zoom the camera to the artists face most of the time be it the song sequence or the normal acting sequence. What pleasure does he gain from that. The director allows it ? Man.. what a bad selection of crew !

Overall my personal rating is : 1 out of 5 (I gave "1" because there is one song which is nice).
My advise to anyone who wish to see the movie: Scrap the idea ! U will loose ur money of course ! I hardly can remember the story line after one day watching. Nothing to keep my mind nailed on any of the scenarios in the movie. Blehh!