Election Day and its Victory !

on Monday, March 10, 2008
March 8 is probarbaly an unforgetable day of my life. Of course yes because its my 1st time election day... haha.. i never registered to be a voter till now.. Why? because all the while i thought its a useless thing to vote because i knew only one single party will come victorious and will stand for one race. But i changed my mind ever since the Nov-25 incident happened in the capital state of malaysia. The HINDRAF Rally. Im a very skeptical person where i wont believe a thing without seeing, and without strong evidence. Hindraf have oppened my eyes. The truth, the rulling Goverment's conspiracy and many many lies have given me a strong determined reason that "its time for a change, its now or never !" thats why i took the initiative on somewhere december last year to register myself and to be elegible on the process of choosing the correct leadeship of the state. Ive voted and feel extremely happy and felt rejoice the opposition party have win, not only me! my entire family are glad and happy.. whereever i go be it temple, hospital, sundry shops and even wet market, people are talking about the end of co-oalition regime for 20+ years ! Everyone is happy !

All im hoping now is the release from the draconian ISA Act imprisonment of our true great leaders of indian community in malaysia who have opened our eyes with evidence, who have waked us all from the deep lazy sleep under the rulling goverment. I will only celebrate to the max when this happends ! and i mean it !

Lastly i would like to dedicate this March-10 entry of blog to the Great heroes and the true Leaders of Indian Community ! The HINDRAF Leaders !

P.Uthayakumar, M.Manoharan, R.Kenghadharan, V.Ganabatirau, T.Vasantha Kumar and not to forget P.Waythyamoorthy in London for his dedication and support.

Valga Hindraf !! Valga Makkal Sakthi (Peoples Power) !!

உச்சி மீது வானிடிந்து வீழுகின்ற போதிலும் அச்சமில்லை! அச்சமில்லை! அச்சமென்பதில்லையே!