Thai Food Lunch.

on Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Tuesday i went to a Thai restaurant near my work place Intel. The location is infront of Queensbay Shopping Mall. I went there with my manager and 3 of my couleges. Initially we plan to go for a Western Food corner which precisely beside the thai restaurant that we went but unfortunately that shop was closed on that day so we go to this Thai restaurant instead. Emm the food is ok.. and important note, im a semi-vegetarian so i cant take sea-foods at all. I can only take chicken and mutton (occasionally) so this thai shop seems un-easy to me at first. But since this is my manager and my coulege suggestion then i plan not to get them down. So once we step in.. the restaurant is excellently decorated with thai song at the background.. man really feel im in Thailand at one point.. haha. I ordered black pepper chicken which i feel the most suitable for me. My manager and my coulege took some tom-yam dish.. yucks !

Hahaha... initially we thought the boss will give a treat but well.. we pay on our own eventually :P The food plus the drink i ate costs Rm24. Yea expensive, its a kind of a local fine dining style so the price is yes expensive. Well after the lunch.. straight to de offize.....