on Friday, March 21, 2008
Iam a Tamilan. A Native of Malaysian born tamilan. For me Tamil is extremely unique. People sees tamil in diffrent angle. Tamil as a culture ? Tamil as a people ? Tamil as a identity ? But for me Tamil means alot more then the 3 mentioned sentence. Im very proud as a Tamilan. Ive seen many people whom i known who are very shy and feel jerked when they are called as tamilan. Ive dont know why.. Is tamil that low which makes them low in their dignity ? many tamil nowadays prefer with diffrent identity, they like northern culture, they dont speak tamil, english always, they dont "like" to be labelled as a tamilan. But for me im diffrent. I worship tamil. I love the spirit of the tamil. I love to see the alphabetical characters, the fondness, the history, the creation, the usage and many more. Im very fortunate and happy to be known as a tamilan. Even though ive born and broght up in Malaysia, my spirit and soul is always a tamil from the motherland of India. Thats one word principe i love to the max.

To all the Tamilans who drop by checking my blog-site. Spread the word.. Dont let tamil to die just like that. We the tamil have to protect the culture, the rich heritage, the historic of tamil. If we dont do it, tamil will be erased forever from us.