Career change

on Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Im seriously in look for a change in my life now, probably near future change that secures few things that is creating an havoc in my life right now.. one of them is career change, two financial change, three  strengthening my relationship strain and four.. a need for a house.. Yes i own one alas what can i do if ive been destined not be able to enjoy my life there.. so ive made up my mind, to hunt for an house near my mothers house.. i know financialy it would be a disaster to think about.. but ive no other choise but to move forward. As for my main one, Career change.. yea im looking for one.. hunting down day after day for a good prospect, secure and of course with a good salary.. oh dear.. hope i can be able to narrow down and clutch on these... the sooner the better...

At office now, work call.. blog out later folks!