Hiatus and back rolling.

on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For some known reason i have to be away from blogging.. My married life, financial life, changes in life.. i had to adapt overall to all these to a maximum capacity. I couldn't think back on what to do and what to start etc. Well my life is full of adapting and dis-adapting.. Im pushing myself back to blogging as blogging is the only way i could express myself.. to release my stress and to start think of all the natural calamity that ive went thru.. My last blog of this year is back in January.. its been half a year gone.. half year of joy, sorrow, and unpredictable miseries.. Im not going to express them all here.. as i intend to forget the bads.. forgetting the bads.. and keeping the goods with me.. im trying to move forward. Well im back to blogging.. and here iam back to where my instinct belongs..