Pizza-II - Villa

on Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Watched Pizza-II - The Villa two days ago. I brought the DVD as the movie was out somewhere back in November. So ive missed to watch it at the cinema. Such an interesting movie. It was supposingly an horror movie, but for me its more towards a thriller.. a suspense a like. The movie was well crafted with supernatural and spiritual twining in between. Basic story of a son found that he inherited a villa from his father who died mysteriously few days back. Since he lost some law suits of another issue, he lost his current house and left only the villa which he owns now. The happy guy goes and stays at the villa where his life starts to behave strangely for him. The mystery is closely untangled with the help of his child hood friend. The key is on the painting where each occurrence was painted in the past. Its really chillingly spooky enough. I loved the BGM score of the movie. Hats off to Santosh Narayanan. On the climax, its a bit complicated to understand. Wonder what the director trying to prove here. For me its like, trustworthy relationship can sometimes stabs back on our own. Complicated eh? Well the movie is a must to watch! After watching the movie, there is one song that keeps me humming till now, its part of the discovery of the mystery on the film. Ive added the youtube link as below. Enjoy.

Pizza II - Villa - Song: Kanum Gnyanam

Overall i rate this movie (3 out of 5 star)