3 years anivesary of Mother natures furry...

on Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Its been 3 years

the world been shartered by a Killer Wave. A wave that is so powerfull to pick away 300,000 lives in minutes. Shocking... but true.. mother nature is not someone you could mess with.. when she is calm she is the most beautifull thing you could ever see.. when she is angry... lives are like small ants. I wonder who wakes her sense of anger.. is it human being ? are we destroying our nature... hmm... 'Tsunami'... i thought its another version of Sushi... err like sashimi.. basically a food. But i never aware.. untill i feel her presence.. I just wish to who ever lost their loved ones on the past 3 years terrified journey... to stay calm and to consider every piece of their existing life as a second chance. Life must goes on no matter what.

A Tsunami Poem.. Remembering the death of so many lives.

"I’ve watched waves crash like that before.
I’ve stood on safer ground like them
and photographed the curvature
of surge—an ocean’s requiem
to evident infinity.
But never had the breaking sea
continued on like that before;

I never had to turn and run
to steer clear of the nevermore
while unwavering water sealed the sun
and everything surrounding me.
I never saw that higher sea. "