KL-Training- NCLP10

on Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Day 3... at KL (Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya) Location: Wisma Amcorp (CSA Training Center) attending NCLP 10 course. Crap.. currently my brain is divided into to partition.. one is for this training.. another one is for my software engineering exam. Hopefully my brain have the function to absorb both (Dual Core way) hehehe.. Training was ok.. the guy is pretty smart.. and friendly too... i thought KL trainers are sucks ! well guess im wrong... hahaha... but KL food sucks a big.. thats true.. i missed my penang environment and its foods a lot.. cant wait to step my foot at Penang. 3 days at KL... i feel homesick alot.. :( "miss my mom's home made sambar (indian vegetable curry).

Im revising my exam papers at hotel everyday.. except for tuesday. I got so bored! and so f**k'ed up bored with KL lifestyle.. i end up eat my dinner watch movie and sleep.. well... KL is a metropolitan city.. iam from a peacefull and traffic free state.. Penang.. KL is certainly no compatible with me.. thats the reason i got fed-up on Tuesday. Food here as = Sux.. not to mention the price.. haa.. they cut throat like mad.. rice + vegetable + chicken = RM8 DAMN!! i can get < RM5 at penang. I certainly hate this so call KL. Can wait to step my leg back at where i belong.. the Land that i love most.. the Land that is my eternity ! one and only Penang !!..