Goes of 2007... emerge shine 2008 !

on Monday, December 24, 2007

Its getting wrapped up. 2007 coming to its end and 2008 shine and bright. Well just the year. If scroll down to my earlier blog, i did mentioned about the start of 2007 (2007 A Sad Beginning). Gosh.. the mental pain that i went thru.. i almost scared to death think about it. I wish.. i hope.. i pray.. it wont be the same again.. I dont have any precise target for the new year.. except for my studies of course.. i just pray hard that i could complete and wrap up my studies once and for all. Be certified is my main goal. Well some important events do brings some memory to me on this year 2007. Some memory that are thoughtable... some memory that are sad... well im trying to forget the sad ones of course. Christmas is getting near too.. hahah tomorow dude ! yea i know...

well i would like to wish all the blogeez and the readers of my blog space. A Happy Christmas ! and Happy New Year 2008 !