Picture blogey..

on Thursday, December 27, 2007
Today ive created a new blog which i feel is necessary and a must for my dream picture blog. Hmm.. im not sure the redundancy and a need for a seperate blog, but i strongly feel there should be a gap between text blogey and picture blogey. Well ive no intention to update the new picture blog at the moment, well should i say until i have a "Camera".. :)

For those curiousity geeks outthere who wish to know what my blogey address is.. here u go..

I name it as mypicture-life as i will basically catch all the pictures of places that i went, things that i see, wonders that i touch and whatever related to 'me' and post in that blog.

Right now its dead (Under Construction).. but once i got my camera, il make sure its life restored and kickin... haha..