Camera ! Camera ! Camera !

on Wednesday, December 26, 2007
Damin. I need to buy a camera ! i dont have one.. i do have a camera once upon a time before. It was brought by mom before she went for a trip to India. But the camera spoilt now and its an ancient technology now, using the rolled film strip type. Now looking at those new & cool gadget camera on the pamphlets and the newspaper.. makes me jaw dropping to have one..

Gosh ive invested all my money to my house now. Now im broke.. woaaaahhh i need one !
Many memourable events that i missed alot.. i just feel Damn ! i should have this events as a picture.. but what could i do... im helpless. And i too feel to have the this blog of mine a bit more picturable blog... its my instict saying i should do like that... u know kind of like amateur photo blogging.. well what could i do... :(

Hopefully the year 2008 brings me a small tiny miny piece of wealth to buy a digital frenzy camera... i wish !


Dunia Kami (Anis Nazhan ) said...

Almost same like me. My Digital Camera broken last month and I miss it very much.. Problem on sw part and cannon give me stupid reply base on my e-mail to them...but it is great camera... ( Not pro level...!)

You gian taking picture, I am using my handphone camera for temperory (2Mpix) and the result always terrible... but it is ok for temperory